Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Arctic Monkeys received £1 for performing at Olympic

Arctic Monkeys was another band who received £1 for performing at Olympic London 2012 opening ceremony. Other included were Dizzee Rascal, Paul Mccartney and Frank Turner.

They agreed to play for free in London Olympic 2012 opening ceremony but had to be paid a token money so they can sign a contract  with London 2012 organisers, the Evening Standard reports.

Emeli Sande, who sang a version of the hymn Abide with Me, said: "I got paid £1 for my work. It’s there in print and I know because I signed the contract myself. Mind you, I haven’t received anything yet!"

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jamie Cook planning to get marry!!!

Guitarist of the band Arctic Monkeys, Jamie Cook is looking forward to get marry his long-term girlfriend Katie Downes.

The pair met each other at a party in Liverpool in 2006 and since then they are dating each other.According to reports, Cook proposed to the 28-year-old in the last few days. She told the tabloid: "I'm so made up – excited and happy."

Jamie girlfriend is a gorgeous model who appeared regularly on The Sun's notorious Page Three as well as Nuts, Loaded, Zoo and a series of other men's magazines.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Arctic Monkeys latest images

Arctic Monkeys during a live show has debuted a new track

Arctic Monkeys during a live show in America has debuted a new track.

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The band headline on 4th October Tuesday's St. Louis show their current North American tour as part of the 'Evil Twin' was played.

B side song of their new song 'Suck It And See', the official release date of October 31 was to be included.

Capital FM back on Oct. 28 in the group of Nottingham UK leg of their world tour will begin and will conclude the string of shows in Liverpool on November 9.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders with a sex tape featuring film-style

The ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ hitmakers Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders with a sex tape featuring film-style shooting of his latest promo set to shock fans.

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Forth album ‘Suck It And See’ will be released next month, and
they have filmed video is shot with a controversial one.

Video violent gang fled, a shack in the desert before romping with a female model and a crossbow firing Helders Motor Racing shows.

The Daily Star quoted him as telling NME, "It`s good when it`s not just like a porno - like, you can do it in a tasteful way. It`s hard to watch it even now, but it``s still got a quality to it. You know, it just makes it a bit more respectful... Mostly it was her doing stuff, so I just had to go with it. She was the one getting most of the directions”.

He added, "I`d only just met her but, yeah, we managed to do the job. Very nice girl... I thought it was going to get a bit of a reaction. I mean, it``s a bit racy and it``s me, innit?"

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Arctic Monkeys covering Nirvana tracks

Arctic Monkeys covering Nirvana tracks once used by one group in the recording studio was to resist.

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The British band recorded their latest album 'Suck It And See' at Sound City - the Californian studio where Nirvana made their iconic 'Nevermind' album - and frontman Alex Turner admits to his own tracks for the legendary grunge band, not by covering it was difficult to keep.

He said: "'Nevermind' was the big draw when we were choosing the studio, but also it had been recommended by Josh Homme, because he's recorded loads in there too

"There's this engineer who is still there [from the 'Nevermind' days], a serious guy, who we respected. We had to really try and not break out into messing around with any Nirvana covers. 'Polly' or 'Drain You'."

The singer and guitarist resisted a similar situation to that which saw the Jimi Hendrix version of the views from the start, when recording at his Electric Lady Studios in New York - was met with a frosty reception.

He added to NME magazine: "I remember when we recorded in Electric Lady, I started playing 'Purple Haze', and everybody was, 'Ah, come on, f***ing leave it out.' So this time, I thought maybe not."

Alex added that if his group ever decide to perform a Nirvana cover, it wouldn't be from 1991's 'Nevermind', which sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

He said: "If we were ever going to do a Nirvana tune, it wouldn't be a 'Nevermind' song, it'd be 'Very Ape' from 'In Utero'. That would be the best Nirvana song for us to cover."